Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I need a little help from Team Toobworld on this one.....

Stephen Bowie of the Classic TV History blog published this picture earlier today:

He said that he watched it over the long weekend, and then he asked if anybody remembered it.

I think he's messing with me - er, with his readers. (Don't get too paranoid, Tobester.....) And I told him so in the comments. A quick, not very exhaustive Google search and a check of the IMDb listings didn't turn up anything. And a search through some of my pertinent TV books revealed nothing.

I'm convinced it's a fictional TV series - a show within a show, or from a movie. But which one?

My first guess was that it was from "L.A. Confidential". But Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) was a consultant for the TV series 'Badge Of Honor'.

Based on the look of the TV set (Who has actual dials anymore?), if this did come from another TV show, then it must be one that was from the 1950's or early 1960's. (Being in black&white is probably a factor as well.)

That he watched it "over the long weekend" suggests to me that Mr. Bowie was working his way through an entire series. And he has been looking through a lot of old cop shows recently.... Maybe this is from something like 'Naked City'?

Well, I'm at a loss. So I'm hoping somebody from Team Toobworld, or some other visitor to Inner Toob might have the answer.

And whenever the answer is posted in the Classic TV History Blog (Link to the left, my Scooby Gang!), I'll let you all know here......


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Toby O'B said...

Stephen Bowie has left this in the comments for his blog post:

"I’m afraid Toby’s on the right track with this one … but does anyone know where this comes from? I, too, was impressed that it remains Google-proof."

For some reason, 'Leave It To Beaver' keeps popping into my head now......