Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yesterday we suggested the possibility that Lee Grant's Prosecuting Angel in the movie "Defending Your Life" had been the Defending Angel in the "Bontsche Shveig" chapter in "The World Of Sholom Aleichem" in 'The Play Of The Week'.

She probably became jaded after the way everything turned out for Bontsche and decided it would be easier working the other side of the Court in Heaven.

"Defending Your Life" would have made an excellent addition to the TV Universe. It's a small film that could easily have been produced for television rather than the big screen. And it could have been adapted for TV, with the focus shifted to those angels working in the office for the defense in all the cases that come in every day. Sort of a celestial version of 'The Office' or going even further back, 'Barney Miller' or 'Calucci's Department'.

And then we could have hinted that the original movie was being absorbed into the Toobworld Dynamic, out of the Cineverse. (Just so long as Lee Grant's character of "Ms. Foster" wasn't recast.)

Easier still would be just to say that her character in the "Bontsche Shveig" story is the Toobworld counterpart to her character in "Defending Your Life". It's just that her life ran along different paths in each world.

Here's a scene from the movie which gives her a nice showcase.....


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