Thursday, May 31, 2012


We have an answer to the question of where the fake TV show "Badge 540" came from......... 

From Stephen Bowie, curator of the Classic TV History Blog:

Update, 5/29/12
: Okay, let me put you guys out of your misery before you waste too much time on this. The image is from the Paul Wendkos film The Case Against Brooklyn (1958), a late, minor film noir about police corruption. One of the investigators (played by Brian Hutton, the director of Where Eagles Dare) is seen watching the fictitious TV series Badge 540. The movie doesn’t make much of it, as irony or any other kind of comparison between “real” cops and TV cops, and you only get a few glimpses of the “show,” which is probably why nobody seems to have mentioned Badge 540 anywhere on the whole internet.

But somebody could compile a really interesting piece about all of the fifties movies that include television as a subject, up to and including the creation of fake programs. There are a lot of them.

I'm glad that's settled, but I wish it had been from a 50's sitcom like 'Leave It To Beaver'!


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