Thursday, February 9, 2012


The good thing about watching the Super Bowl down in Florida this year? I wasn't surrounded by my Giants-loving friends, as they can get very obnoxious. (I'm O'Bnoxious. There's a difference.)

But when 9 PM came along, I switched the TV over to 'Downton Abbey'. So if it makes other Patriots fans feel better, I should be blamed for them losing.

While I was watching the game, I did jot down a few notes.....

Who knew "gas station ribs" could be so tasty?

"Brandon Spikes - what a great porn name!

Jason Pierre-Paul should have been cited for illegal use of voodoo.

"The Giants are about to make their 17th play, while the Patriots only had one." - That's it! Wear them out!

Thousands of cat lovers will never eat Doritos again.

Why does Madonna have Richard Simmons on the high wire?

One of Madonna's backup dancers is dressed like a flying monkey.

There was a weird video glitch right after M.I.A. finished singing - everything vanished off the set. Forget being lip-synched - Is this whole concert being super-imposed? (I found out later it was a failed attempt to blur out M.I.A. giving the finger.)

Somebody should tell Cee Lo Green that black is not always slimming.

Somebody must have thrown a bucket of water on Madonna. She just disappeared in a puff of smoke.......


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