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"The Bourne Identity"

Richard Chamberlain

Robert Ludlum

Earth Prime-Time

(Also versions in the Literary and Movie Universes)

From Wikipedia:
Jason Charles Bourne (born David Webb) is a fictional character and the protagonist of the novels by Robert Ludlum and subsequent film adaptations. He first appeared in the novel "The Bourne Identity" (1980). This novel was first adapted for television in 1988, and then adapted to the film, which is very loosely based on the novels, in 2002 under a title of the same name.

The character has been in eight sequel novels (the last six of which are written by Eric Van Lustbader) with another novel due to be released in 2012. Along with the first feature film, "The Bourne Identity" (2002), Jason Bourne also appears in two sequel movies "The Bourne Supremacy" (2004) and "The Bourne Ultimatum" (2007).
From the source material:
“Look! Over there!”

It was his brother; apparently sleep was to be denied by sharp family eyes.

“What is it?' he yelled.

“Port bow! There's a man in the water! He's holding on to something! A piece of debris, a plank of some sort.”

The skipper took the wheel, angling the boat to the right of the figure in the water, cutting the engines to reduce the wake. The man looked as though the slightest motion would send him sliding off the fragment of wood he clung to; his hands were white, gripped around the edge like claws, but the rest of his body was limp-as limp as a man fully drowned, passed from this world.

“Loop the ropes!” yelled the skipper to his brother and the crewman. “Submerge them around his legs. Easy now! Move them up to his waist. Pull gently.”

“His hands won't let go of the plank!”

“Reach down! Pry them up! It may be the death lock.”

“No. He's alive . . . but barely, I think. His lips move, but there's no sound. His eyes also, though I doubt he sees us','

“The hands are free!”

“Lift him up. Grab his shoulders and pull him over. Easy, now!”

“Mother of God, look at his head!” yelled the crewman. “It's split open.”

“He must have crashed it against the plank in the storm,” said the brother.

“No,” disagreed the skipper, staring at the wound. “It's a clean slice, razorlike. Caused by a bullet; he was shot.”

“You can't be sure of that.”

“In more than one place,” added the skipper, his eyes roving over the body, “We'll head for Ile de Port Noir; it's the nearest island. There's a doctor on the waterfront.”

“The Englishman?”

“He practices.”

'When he can,” said the skipper's brother. “When the wine lets him. He has more success with his patients' animals than with his patients.”

“It won't matter. This will be a corpse by the time we can get there.  If by chance he lives, we'll bill him for the extra petrol and whatever catch we miss. Get the kit; wet bind his head for all the good it will do.”

“Look!” cried the crewman. “Look at his eyes.”

“What about them?” asked the brother.

“A moment ago they were gray-as gray as steel cables.  Now they're blue!”

“The sun's brighter,” said the skipper, shrugging. “Or it's playing tricks with your own eyes. No matter, there's no color in the grave.”

Jason Bourne may be better known as played by Matt Damon, but Toobworld had him first.....


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