Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In the 20th anniversary special for 'Absolutely Fabulous', Edina Monsoon was so fixated on the Danish TV series 'Forbrydelson' ('The Killing'), that she came to believe she could speak Danish.

Eventually she had a dream in which Sarah Lund (as played by Sofie Gråbøl) from that series was investigating Edie's bedroom as if it was a crime scene - intimating in her phone call that Edina would probably be the next to die. (Edina was afraid of her daughter's friend from prison, who wanted payback from Patsy.)

This is how it played out:

Edina does mutter that it's Sarah Lund, so there's no getting around that Zonk.

Although Toobworld Central has covered TV shows from other countries, not just the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, the Toobworld Dynamic is still mainly focused on the American content. After all, it's just me in the shop and that's mostly the source of my viewing habits.

So every now and then I need an example like this to remind me that Toobworld should be truly global. And what applies to TV shows from the U.S. should also go for international productions as well.

Therefore, that murder case in Denmark, within the reality of Earth Prime-Time, so fixated the country that Danish television decided to make a TV series out of it. And luckily they were able to hire Sofie Gråbøl to play the lead since she "somehow" looked just like the lead detective on the case, Sarah Lund.

Or now that I think of it, since Edina only said that there was a show called 'The Killing' from Denmark, and acknowledged the figure in her dream only as Sarah Lund, it could be that the whole series was a documentary with Sarah Lund "appearing as herself".

Works for me.


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