Monday, March 7, 2011


I posted this to Alan Sepinwall's column about the "Net Work" episode of 'The Good Wife', which had a Zuckerberg vs. Sorkin court case where it was the Sorkin clone who came out as the bad guy......

This has been the second episode of a TV show that has created its own version of Zuckerberg. 'Lie To Me' had a Zuckerberg clone in a recent murder mystery episode. For a while there it seemed like everybody had their own versions of Nancy Grace and Blackwater Security. I wonder how many more Zuckerbergs we're likely to see in other shows, and if there have been any others already? It seems like he's a character that could provide more plot possibilities than just his own.....

And now I'll bet you we're going to see plenty of Charlie Sheen clones hit the airwaves, especially on "Ripped From The Headlines" shows like those in the 'Law & Order' franchise (what's left of them......)
Is there anybody out there in my readership who has the first season of 'I Dream Of Jeannie' on an officially released DVD set? There was an episode called "This Is Murder", which had a Princess Tarji visting Cocoa Beach on a state visit. I'd like to know what the captioning says is the name of her home country. It sounded like Paquait (or was it Parquait), but I'd like to be sure. If you can get back to me, I'd appreciate it...

One thing I enjoy about treating all of TV as one big fantasy world is finding new names of characters that feel like they stepped out of a fantasy trilogy. My latest find - Hobey Jabko, a soldier played by Howard Duff in an episode of 'Combat!'.....
This occurred to me at work one night - in "A Christmas Carol", the latest 'Doctor Who' Christmas special, if the Doctor went back in Time and altered the life of Kazran Sardick, then why didn't that trigger an attack by the Reapers from "Father's Day"?

From Wikipedia:
Although never named in the programme, the creatures were called the Reapers in publicity material. They bear a strong resemblance to the Chronovores (first featured in "The Time Monster") as portrayed in Paul Cornell's Doctor Who New Adventures novel "No Future", the Vortisaurs in the Eighth Doctor's first series of audio adventures for Big Finish Productions, and the Hunters in the New Adventures novel "The Pit" by Neil Penswick.
It's always fun to find TV characters with the same names as friends and family members. The latest one is an "Amy Booth" from an episode of 'Burke's Law'. Amy was the first "Iddiot" from the Idiot's Delight Digest group to visit the Lake.

I've got a name doppelganger in Toobworld as well. There was an L.A. cop named Toby O'Brien in an episode of 'Police Story' from the early 1970's.
As my DVR capacity reached 50% capacity, I noticed that I had two episodes of 'Harry's Law' on deck, but no real compulsion to watch them. I enjoyed the show, but it really wasn't must-see TV for me. I'm a big fan of David E. Kelley, but this just doesn't have the spark to keep me coming back to that law firm/shoe store in Cincinnatti.

For me, the DEK high point was 'Picket Fences', with his 'Boston Legal' and his work on 'L.A. Law' following close behind.

I wish 'Harry's Law' all the best, especially for Kathy Bates, and if I read of something truly off-the-wall happening in an upcoming episode - or a really special guest star - I'll pop in again.

And if you're still watching the show, let me know if there's ever any mention of the radio station WKRP.....
I could have been a "high priest Vatican assassin warlock" like Charlie Sheen, but I didn't keep up on my union dues. And I only have tiger moth's blood.....

Here's my prediction: The 'Two And A Half Men' backstage craziness will be the next behind the scenes TV movie in the style of those made about 'Dynasty', 'Three's Company', 'Gilligan's Island', and 'Mork & Mindy'.
If any TV show should have a movie made about its production, it should be 'Doctor Who'.
If Charlie Sheen is looking for a new role to play, how about Itchy in a remake of "Dick Tracy"?

~ BCnU!

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Brian Leonard said...

I still enjoy Harry's Law, although I missed the episode from two weeks ago (power outage, so no DVR) and it's not available online. Last week's episode was classic Kelley-showing-both-sides-of-an-issue-in-the-courtroom.