Friday, March 11, 2011


Wales must have some kind of insurmountable barrier at its borders to keep it insulated from the outside world and thus be closed off in the gene pool. Certainly, nobody wants to go there, it seems. (At least based on the reactions of Rose Tyler of 'Doctor Who' and Annie Sawyer of 'Being Human' when they found out they were in the country.) So the country probably doesn't get as many new DNA contributors as it could.

As such, the unusual strength of tele-genetics found in Toobworld could be even more prevalent in TV-Wales.

Here are three examples:

George Sand was checking the woods near his new home in Wales because he taught he taw another werewolf when he stumbled upon a group of illegal dog-fighting enthusiasts. He barely had time to fumble his introductions (leading them to think he was gay) when he was arrested. (The police just assumed he had been part of the dog-fighting operations.)
George ended up sharing a cell with Bob, one of the organizers of the dogfight, an d it looks like this guy must have been an identical cousin to fellow Welshman Rhys Williams, the husband of Gwen Cooper of 'Torchwood'.
Luckily for all concerned, George's girlfriend Nina got him out of the cell before the effects of the full moon took effect. Otherwise, George might have killed Bob. And that might have brought George and his friends unwanted attention from the survivors of Torchwood Three.....

When 'Gavin & Stacey' planning their wedding, there was never any mention of Stacey's Mom Gwen having any siblings. Could it be that she might have had a sister - even a twin sister - but the reason why this sister was never mentioned was because she had long since passed away?
Or at least, so the family thought....

In the 'Being Human' episode "Adam's Family", we were introduced to a vampiress named Emma. Save her black hair, Emma looked just like Gwen (whose tresses were red.) It appears as though Emma was a one-shot appearance, and if so, this theory could hold since 'Gavin & Stacey' have called it a day.
But if she does return, and it turns out that Emma is a far older vampire than she looks, we can always amend this theory of relateeveety so that she was an ancestor of Gwen's.

As Nessa would say, "Tidy."

And speaking of Nessa.....

In Cardiff, there lives a woman named Nikki Bevan whose son vanished just a few years ago due to one of the spatial rifts that occur frequently in that Welsh city. The young lad spent more than half a lifetime in the far reaches of space where he suffered severe physical and mental damage before somebody helped him return to Earth not long after he left. (That good samaritan was probably the Doctor.) Nikki looks like Nessa Jenkins (Stacey's best friend), minus the tattoos, the severe hairstyle, and the Goth make-up. But I don't think we can make the claim that they could be sisters. If they were, surely Nikki would have been at the aborted wedding ceremony for Nessa and Dave... or at least to see Nessa's baby. (Those two events did not happen in that order.) And in those scenes where Nessa had conversations with her erstwhile father, there was never any mention of other siblings.
So I would suggest that Nessa and Nikki were "cousins, identical cousins. One pair of matching bookends, different as night and day."


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