Friday, March 11, 2011


Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line is reporting that 'Castle' will be paying tribute to the late Stephen J. Cannell in the April 11th episode. Cannell had been seen on the show occasionally as one of Rick Castle's poker buddies (along with James Patterson and Michael Connelly).

Dennis Lehane will be joining the table now, which is probably what sparks the mention of Cannell.....

When the producer of 'Wiseguy', 'The A Team' and the writer of some of the best episodes of 'The Rockford Files' passed away, this is something I hoped would happen within the reality of 'Castle' (which is in an alternate TV dimension because of their different NYC mayor).

I posted it here, where you can also see the earlier tribute to Cannell on the show. (But that was in the credits; this one will actually be in Toobworld.)


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