Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Back in the 1980's, when Dr. Walter Bishop was performing experiments on children in Jacksonville, Florida, he tested young Olivia Dunham (identified as "Subject 13") for mental acuity with a challenge to put together a group of blocks correctly in some sort of significant pattern. She complained that she couldn't do it, but Walter kept sharply insisting that she finish it.
Around that same period of time, young Sydney Bristow assembled the blocks under the supervision of her father Jack. It was all part of "Project Christmas", which tested the aptitude of children to see if they should be recruited later in life to be spies.
Although "The Indicator" blocks are admittedly a very trivial connection, it forges a link between the two series that holds as strongly as a crossover.

Both shows were produced by JJ Abrams, making it a similar situation to the Toobits-winning Coffee Bucks - the coffee franchise that has been referenced in 'Scrubs' and 'Cougar Town', both of which were produced by Bill Lawrence. BCnU!

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