Thursday, March 10, 2011


In the 'NYPD' episode "Last Port Of Call", a young boy was nearly abducted by a deviant in a lower Manhattan playground. The boy's name was Robert "Bobby" Muir - he was six years old, which means he was born in 1961.

I'd like to suggest that his great-grandfather met the Time Lord known as "The Doctor" back in 1925, in the 'Doctor Who' episode "Black Orchid". Sir Robert Muir was the Chief Constable for the area in Oxfordshire where Cranleigh Hall was located, and he was good friends with Lord Cranleigh and his family. (Although he was a married man, Sir Robert showed particular interest in the Doctor's Companion Tegan... and it wasn't altogether unrewarded.)

The Doctor thought maybe Sir Robert knew more about the Time Lords than he should, since the Chief Constable kept talking about another Doctor who was also known as "The Master". But it turned out he was only speaking of the famous cricketer W.G. Grace.

As I mentioned earlier, Sir Robert could have been Bobby Muir's great-grandfather. Although not seen or mentioned in the story, Sir Robert must have had a son old enough to start a family of his own if he hadn't already. Sir Robert's grandson, Bobby's father, may have been in the United States in the late 1950's working as a diplomat at the British Consulate, or maybe he was in New York on business. Whichever, he may have been a bit of a rake as well, which resulted in him getting a local Manhattan girl pregnant. Muir was probably pressured into marrying her to give the child legitimacy, but it was a loveless marriage and didn't last long. (Patricia Muir didn't sound too upset that her former husband had remarried and moved to Florida, even though she seemed to have been left worse off financially.)

Bobby Muir will be turning 50 this year in Toobworld, if his character wasn't already killed off at some point off-screen.....

Another theory of relateeveety filled with maybes.......


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