Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If a Zonk happens on a TV show which I don't watch, do I still have to splain it away? I'm afraid if I found out about it, I'd have no choice. It's a compulsion by now....

I found this tele-quote listed in the Sound Bites of Entertainment Weekly:
"If I show up empty-handed,
Carlos will go all Ricky Ricardo on my ass."
Gabrielle Solis
'Desperate Housewives'

So long as the TV show 'I Love Lucy' isn't mentioned, a Ricky Ricardo reference is never a Zonk, since he becamse a major Hollywood star. (And even the mention of that title wouldn't be a deal-breaker; it could have been a title for the Ricardos' reality show a la 'Harry Loves Lisa'.)

But Gaby's comment adds a new dimension to what we know about that Cuban Pete.....

The way I would interpret it would be that Ricky Ricardo was another Ike Turner, subjecting his wife Lucy to domestic abuse.

(Uh-oh! Lucy's in for a beat-down!)

I'd hate to think this was the case, but even in black & white television there are shades of gray.......


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