Sunday, November 21, 2010


Speaking of the Children in Need telethon, a hearty thanks to Team Toobworld member Andrew Brook for making sure I knew about this crossover that appeared during the broadcast....

Andrew wasn't convinced that they would take it seriously, and I was prepared to let it go off to Skitlandia, but now having seen it? I don't know; maybe it could remain in Earth Prime-Time.

I don't watch either show, and I'm only more conversant with 'EastEnders' because a security guard at work and his wife are big fans of the show. So my eye catches those stories when they crop up in entertainment news. But it seems to me that they played it for real.

I recognized the actor who played the Indian-Brit who ran the store, but I don't know from where. Otherwise, I really had no clue who was who in this crossover, so I couldn't appreciate some of the match-ups between the Wetherfield citizenry and their Watford visitors. I wasn't even too sure if some of the Wetherfield crowd were down in Albert Square, had it not been for the appearance of the Queen Vic pub. Or maybe I did get that wrong and it was a pub in Wetherfield.

My head hurts.

If it was the Queen Vic, then this should have taken place a few weeks ago. American viewers may not be caught up, but if I'm not mistaken the pub got burned out.

Again, I'm in uncharted waters for my televisiological knowledge.

But what to make of that ending with the two women behind the bar and their big revelation? (What would you call them? Bar owners? Bar maids? Publickennes?) If that theory of relateeveety held up and was carried over to both series, then I think we can safely guarantee that this sketch belongs to Earth Prime-Time and not in Skitlandia.

At any rate, this sketch on the Children in Need telethon is a strong contender for the Crossover of the Year award at the 2010 Toobits Awards.


Thanks again, Andrew B! (To differentiate you from my own brother, Andrew O'B.) Having read through this, I'm sure you've recognized a cry for help when you see one. So any more info you can supply the visitors to my world would be greatly appreciated. (That goes for you too, Rob B!)

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