Sunday, November 21, 2010


'Lost' is finished, but I don't think I'll ever be able to let it go. (Especially not with the Numbers still popping up in Toobworld!)

My favorite character on the show was Desmond David Hume, which shows how big an impression he had to make - since he wasn't introduced until the first episode of the second season. By then, any of the other characters previously established could have taken root as my favorite on the show.

Here's how we first met Desmond, although we didn't know who he was until later in the episode.....

I would have to say that it is the greatest second season opening ever!

Here's that same scene, but this time a YouTuber let the song play throughout:

Desmond was known for addressing everyone as "Brotha", which is so infectious when used with a Scottish burr. I wonder how many people out there picked it up and still use it in their conversations even after the show is over?

Finally, here's a rendition of "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" as performed by the late Mama Cass Elliott in a television performance:

BCnU, Brotha......!

* There was no post labeled as "Desmond Toob One". I just couldn't resist that very bad pun.

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