Monday, November 8, 2010


In his review of the 'Community' episode "The Aerodynamics of Gender", Alan Sepinwall pointed out the running gag chock full of trivia:

"There was some "Simpsons"-level obsessive detail for those who bothered to freeze-frame the various Abed heads-up displays. Among my favorite notes from the various ones: Abed watches "Cougar Town," he knows when the women in the study group have their cycles, and the plot synopsis kept changing."

Well, I'm the kind of guy who's going to bother, so......

The interesting stuff is all in the memos:

NUMBER ONETroy's birthday should be a factor in the episode two weeks from now.

As for Abed recording 'Cougar Town'? I don't think any other show has referenced it yet, so for the time being - who knows what 'Cougar Town' is all about as a Toobworld TV show? Maybe it's a nature show on their Animal Planet, in the same vein as 'Meerkat Manor'......


If Abed's memo about getting Rudolph for Xmas was a reference to the classic TV special, there's no problem with that. That exists in the stop-motion TV dimension along with 'Robot Chicken', 'Gumby', and 'Moral Orel'.


A nice preview for the "Troy & Abed Thing" at the end of the episode. And I think it would be natural for Abed to see any follow-up to an event in his life as a "sequel". There was no tele-cognizant self-reference at play here.

I think we're done here, so let's check on the weather with Garrett....




MediumRob said...

It's all right, Toby: he's not recording "Cougar Town", but "Cougartown" since there's no space after the 'r' and that's a lowercase 't' on the screenshot. That's a complete different TV show altogether as you suspect.

Toby O'B said...

Thanks for that, Rob! I didn't even notice!

MediumRob said...

It's my day job - it's why I get paid the medium-sized bucks.