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There are spoilers ahead from "The Death Of The Doctor" episode of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'. I have no clue when America might get the chance to see it via "conventional means"; but if you can't wait, there are other options out there.....

Just sayin', is all.....

When Sarah Jane Smith was brought to UNIT headquarters for the funeral of the Doctor, she inquired if anyone else from his former Companions was going to be there.

Colone Kasim told her that the Brigadier was in Peru, and Miss Shaw was still at the secret Moon base. (This is a link to not only 'Doctor Who' and 'Space: 1999', but also to 'Get Smart' and several episodes from the 1950's heyday of sci-fi anthology series.)

At this point, I'm going to direct your attention to
MediumRob's post on the subject of Liz Shaw's current standing in the TV Universe. Rob also has the video clip embedded for the scene described above. Just make sure you come back here afterwards!

Welcome back!

Did you read the comments as well? Because I questioned whether RTD was spitting in the face of the tie-in writers. (BTW, that's perfectly okay with me, not that my opinion should have any weight. But I much prefer the idea that Liz Shaw is still alive in the TV Universe. Besides, I don't accept the novels or comic strips/books or audio plays as part of the canonical world of 'Doctor Who'. Live action visuals only for Toobworld (online or on TV). The animated stuff goes off to the Tooniverse and the comedy sketches are to be found in Skitlandia.

Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yes, RTD's intentions......

Like I said, I'm fine with RTD rejecting the novel "Eternity Weeps" and its dispatch of Liz Shaw. But I'm wondering if RTD is playing a long game here.

Instead of declaring Liz Shaw to be alive on the Moon as a repudiation of the novel, what if he's planting the seeds for an eventual adaptation of "Eternity Weeps" for a future episode of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'?

That novel was set in 2003, but that's certainly no deterrent. "Family of Blood" and "Human Nature" were broadcast during the tenure of the Doctor's Tenth Incarnation; but the novel from which it was adapted was about his Seventh Incarnation.

So it's just an idea but one I hope I haven't planted in RTD's mind if it wasn't already there. (Yeah, like he's ever going to find out about my tele-musings!) Like I said, I want Liz Shaw to still be alive in Toobworld.

It's much better to have the option to bring back characters for more adventures, than to go all in on one big death scene that may be moving but won't satisfy very man. (Unless you're killing off Urkel.)

Besides, somebody will only come along in the future and find a way to cancel out your glorious death scene. So why bother?

Long live Liz!

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MediumRob said...

Thanks for following up on Liz Shaw (and the link)! In case you didn't know, the second episode ends with Sarah Jane revealing the fates of other companions she's managed to find on Google. Let me know if you want to know who (and Google fails)...