Thursday, November 11, 2010


From Andy Borowitz: "Seriously, Heather Locklear could save the White House. 'Melrose Place' was in even worse shape when she moved in."
Andrew Scott had a really interesting take on the character of Moriarity in 'Sherlock'. But even so, when I first heard about this production, I had John Malkovich in mind for the Napoleon of Crime......
I saw the subway poster for "Skyline" and thought it was starring Terence Howard and Adrian Brody. Then I learned I was looking at the backs of Donald Faison and Eric Balfour, actors better known for their TV work. I guess the movie was strong enough it didn't need movie star names....
TV .com is hosting a poll to determine the Best of 2010 when it comes to TV. The choices are too few, some of the choices are just plain odd (Best New Show has 'Blue Bloods' but not 'Rubicon'?) but it's a fun way to waste five minutes:
It's been announced that Ron Moore and Naren Shankar are going to create a new version of 'The Wild, Wild West' for CBS, following the network's remake of 'Hawaii Five-O'. Here's what I wrote about that news over at Deadline/Hollywood:

"I wouldn't mind if they take the concept and work within it with an expansion of the original, but with new characters, where it would be acknowledged that Agents West and Gordon are out there somewhere doing the same thing. I never understand why they always have to re-use the character names. There's always going to be resistance to that by fans of the original versions.

I watched the first episode of 'Hawaii Five-O' and liked what they were doing, but didn't bother going back. I would have kept watching the show if it had been a continuation of the original with all-new characters

I would have accepted that movie version if only the characters were all new instead of recastaways. It may sound racist, but it's a fact - James West is NOT black.

But... here's a casting suggestion. If you are going to bring back Dr. Miguelito Loveless, get Warwick Davis for the role. It'd be nice to see him playing a character who's not buried under a ton of latex for once.....
"The Lord Of The Rings" movies aren't TV fodder, but the original book series by Tolkien shaped the course my interests followed, and that includes the Toobworld Dynamic.

Most of the cast has been announced for the first half of 'The Hobbit' movie, and there are a lot of TV names involved: Martin Freeman ('The Office' - UK, 'Sherlock'), Richard Armitage ('North & South', 'Spooks'), James Nesbitt ('Jekyll', 'Cold Feet'), Aidan Turner ('Being Human', 'Desperate Romantics'), Graham McTavish ('24', 'Prison Break', 'Red Dwarf', and a lot of voice-over work), Sylvester McCoy ('Doctor Who'!) and Robert Kazinsky ('EastEnders'). Plus Cate Blanchett, Andy Serkis, and Ian McKellan are all expected to return......

Other names rumored to be involved are Stephen Fry, David Tennant, and coming from some website in Brazil, Leonard Nimoy - despite his announced retirement and recent surgery.

One character still not cast is Balin, probably the second most important dwarf in Thorin's company after Thorin himself. I thought Nesbitt was a big name to get and he's just playing Bofur. So I'm very curious who will finally nab the role as the future "King" of Moria......


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