Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Assistant Commissioner Henry Parkins was a right bastid when he first came to Hastings in March of 1943, as the new man in charge for the police in the district. He was probably a bastid long before he rose to that rank. He was misogynistic, arrogant, prejudiced, and elitist. He was probably a bigot and cruel to small animals as well, but we didn't get to see evidence of that.

Parkins couldn't have been that way all his life; no woman would have married him, what with his views of women. And I think he was married, at least for a time - long enough to have fathered a daughter. (I didn't think to check for a wedding ring while I had the episode in my possession - via Netflix - and this picture just had to have the ring finger in the wrong position to see any wedding band.) In this theory of relateeveety, Parkins' daughter grew up to marry a man named Tedder, with whom she had a son circa 1934. And the Tedders named their son Mark.

Since this is all theoretical and there is no evidence to support their familial connection, there is no way of knowing if Mark Tedder grew up influenced in any way by his maternal grandfather. He could have taken his path in life because of the old man's guidance, or as an act of rebellion against Parkins' beliefs.

At any rate, by the time he was in his early thirties, Mark Tedder was under suspicion by the intelligence agency known as "Section" to be a KGB spy. And when Mark became engaged to a NATO translator, Section took steps to break up their engagement before Mark might gain access to any secrets his fiance came across in her work.

Section was successful in their mission, but it had tragic consequences.....

'Foyle's War' - "Casualties Of War" & "Plan Of Attack"

'Callan' - "God Help Your Friends"


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