Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey. Nate just gave his passwords.
No, but I got all his passwords.
You want to see his Netflix queue?
He's got like every season of 'Rockford Files'...
every season of 'Sex and the City', that show, 'Psych'

Thanks to my crossover buddy Doctor Wronski, I was reminded that Toobworld Central has already de-Zonked any mentions of 'Sex And The City' - it's a reality show about four women in New York City. That should cover any mentions of Cassie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. Everything they did on the show was documented as "real life". The possibility of the two movies being mentioned in Toobworld conversations is covered by that as well - the reality was just that popular; so popular, it spawned a movie.

We're basically covered unless somebody has to go and mention Sarah, Kim, Cynthia or Kristin. Then we're screwed.

We can't use that same excuse for 'The Rockford Files', though. Big Pussy compared himself to Rockford in the second episode. Although he never mentioned the name of the show, nor Jim Garner, nor even Rockford's first name, his activity of investigating a minor theft for Tony reminded Big Pussy of the detective. And remember, this was in the second episode; in the series debut, the theme to 'The Rockford Files' could be heard. (Jimmie James uses the theme for his own answering machine on 'NewsRadio'.)

'Veronica Mars', 'Supernatural', 'Freaks And Geeks', the mini-series 'Taken', and even 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' all mention Jim Rockford, but in such a way as to make it seem like they knew of his exploits as a private eye. I suppose the cases solved by Jim Rockford would be catnip to a TV producer in Toobworld. Like Andy Warhol, televersion, might have said: In the future, everybody will have their own TV show.

It's only a true Zonk in 'Psych', and 'Leverage seems to have brought it full circle with a mention of that show. I'm not sure if this was the first time 'Psych' has ever been the basis for a Zonk, but ol' not-so-reliable IMDb doesn't have any other mentions of it listed in their movie connections. (Although I know 'The Mentalist' has at least made allusions to its pineapple "hitchcocks". That's good news for Toobworld Central: until such time when it's well and truly Zonked, we can always claim 'Psych' is another reality series, one about psychic phenomena, perhaps.

Hopefully we'll never learn anything more of Nate's Netflix queue!


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