Friday, June 25, 2010


'Army Wives', the Lifetime drama about military life, has a couple of news stories that will have an impact on Toobworld.

First up, Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President, will make an appearance as herself in an episode to air on August 15. She'll be visiting Fort Marshall to kick off their annual Fun Run (which I assume is a charity event). Mrs. Biden will meet with several Army wives with real military spouses playing themselves among the regular characters. (That means those women will have different lives than they do in the real world - wherever their husbands are stationed in the real world, they're connected to Fort Marshall in Toobworld.)

Also, the show is producing a spin-off series which will start off as a backdoor pilot episode to be seen on 'Army Wives'. A major plotline for the fourth season has been the divorce of Pamela Moran from her Delta Forces husband. Played by Brigid Brannagh, Pamela will then leave Fort Marshall and go back to her old job as a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia. (Maybe she'll meet attorney Ben Matlock - at least off screen....)

Gabrielle Union will be joining that new series as Pamela's new partner on the police force, Detective Gina Holt.


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