Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In the 'Doctor Who' episode "Flesh And Stone," Bishop Octavian was caught in a choke-hold by a Weeping Angel. And he and the Doctor both knew that as soon as the Doctor took his eyes off the Angel, or even blinked, the Angel would snap the Bishop's neck.

Knowing that the Doctor was seeing him at his best, Octavian urged the Time Lord to abandon him to his Fate in order to save the others.

But why are we to assume that the Angel killed Bishop Octavian in such a manner? Because we heard what could have been a gruesome sound effect off-stage? Why couldn't that have been the snapping of a twig as the Angel gave pursuit through the "oxygen factory"?

The Doctor reiterated in the first half of the story, "Time Of The Angels" that the Angels killed by displacing you in Time so that you could "live to death" while they feasted on the untapped energy from your lost potential life in the Present. They only resorted to more primitive means of killing if there was something they needed. When the Angel killed Sacred/Scared Bob and the other two clerics, it was in order to gain their cerebral cortexes to hook up to the radios and lure in the others. There was no need to break Bishop Octavian's neck.

I'd like to think that the Angel didn't let the opportunity go to waste to become stronger by sending the Bishop back in Time. If he was sent back wtihin the last two hundred years, Octavian would have found himself among the human terra-formers on Alfava Metraxis. Farther back than the 47th Century (Earth Time), and he would have found himself among the two-headed Aplans, the native sentient species of the planet who were wiped out by the Weeping Angels.

That means there's always the possibility that we might one day meet Bishop Octavian again on 'Doctor Who'.......


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