Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hank Stuever of the Washington Post wrote an article about the "mockumentary" trend on TV nowadays. And in that story he said:

I have entertained the idea that "The Office" is a reality show in the making, and that when it comes time for the editors and producers to "assemble" the "footage," they will cut it in a way that betrays Jim and Pam as snarky and needlessly cruel, and makes Michael, Dwight and other Dunder Mifflin employees appear smart and competent.

Toobworld Central covered the topic already (as did Alan Sepinwall - the Inner Toob post was in response to his blog's story). And my conjecture is that 'The Office' mockumentary series has been airing on Toobworld TV for the last few years. (And this helps splain away any Zonks about 'The Office'.)


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