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I'm really enjoying the latest season of 'Doctor Who' (no matter which numerical system you use to denote it), not only for the new incarnation of the Doctor and for his Companion Amy, but for the new aliens we've met so far: Prisoner Zero, the starwhale, and those vampiric prawns from Saturnyne. And we've also encountered returning alien threats like the Weeping Angels and - unfortunately - the Daleks. (Maybe it's just me, but I think that if you're not exposed to the Daleks as a child, they just don't make for compelling monsters if seen for the first time as an adult.)

Coming up next week: the Silurians and/or the Sea Devils!

But there are so many alien races out there in Toobworld's Outer Space, and it seems like such a waste that we will never see them again. In a perfect televisual society, it wouldn't matter that these aliens belonged to other production companies; we'd get the chance to see the Doctor interact with them.

So here's a Deep Six list of TV aliens I'd like to see show up on 'Doctor Who'.....
Might as well jump right into it with a good one for the fright factor. These oversized ants with demonically human faces - just the thought of them crawling up your pants leg beats a Dalek screeching "Exterminate!" any day.
The Minbari were my favorite alien race on 'B5', and they should have received a more detailed look into their culture, like the Klingons eventually got in the 'Star Trek' mythos. With three different castes to choose from, there would be a wide variety of paths for the storylines to follow. And their somber natures would clash nicely with the wild demeanor of the Eleventh Doctor. (Although I've always believed that we should have met a Minbari who didn't fit that cultural mold - why couldn't there be a Minbari version of "a wild and crazy guy"?)

Yes, the Doctor has met the Ice Warriors, and that microbe race in "Waters Of Mars", but I'm talking about the good old-fashioned, antennae-sporting, finger-waving Martianas from the 1960's sitcom. Ray Walston is gone, sadly, so it's not like the Doctor could meet Exigius 12½ (Uncle Martin O'Hara's true Martian name)... unless of course, he used the TARDIS to go back in Time to meet Exigius 12½ at an earlier age. (As if this casting would ever happen - Daniel Craig as the Martian!)

And with the Martian use of time travel in so many of the episodes, there would be a legitimate reason for the Doctor to step in, seeing Exigius 12½ as a threat. Of course, it would be like an issue of "Marvel Team-Up" - they'd clash for the first part of the story under misunderstood circumstances and then team up to fight the real menace.
For a novel approach, we could see the Doctor's point of view on the original storyline about the Canamids first trip to Earth in the early 60's when they arrived openly. (I'm sure the original Galactican fleet protecting Earth since 1980 would never allow them access now that we know their intent. The Canamids would have to sneak through the defenses like every other species, as did the 4-5-6 in 'Torchwood: Children of Earth'.)

Those Earthlings - like Lloyd Bochner's Chambers - who were already taken by the Canamids (and not already munched on as an in-flight snack) could be saved by the Doctor along with the rest of humanity. All he would need to do was introduce a non-fatal element into our genetic make-up or our immune system that would makes unpalatable to the Canamid taste buds.
These alien visitors would be perfect for a 'Doctor Who' episode that needed to save on the budget for the big season finale extravaganza. After all, thanks to a little time spent in their regeneration chambers, they looked exactly like humans - except for their bent pinky fingers. (Or if they're black, they have white palms.) And maybe they could get Roy Thinnes as the guest star, to bring back David Vincent one more time.....?
Well, why not? Toobworld blends the comedic with the dramatic in other areas. Even though the Coneheads only exist in Skitlandia and the Tooniverse, so far as the TV Universe is concerned (as well as in the movie universe), this would be an excellent way to introduce them into Earth Prime-Time.

Toobworld Central already accepts the premise that they exist in the main Toobworld. In fact, it's a Theory of Relateeveety that the 'Batman' villain Egghead had a Conehead parental unit who arrived in Russia in 1908 on the same ship that brought the alien "Black Oil" of 'The Ex-Files'.

The "Black Oil".... now there's another alien to consider, but we've reached the end of the Deep Six.


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Sean Cleary said...

Great list! Nice to see the Minbari on it. There are a bunch of other Twilight Zone & Outer Limits aliens that would be cool to see again, too, but I'm glad to see the Cookbook Aliens. Man, that episode scared me as a child. :)