Sunday, April 11, 2010


'Human Target' had to go there this week, didn't they? After all the work I went to so that it could reside in Earth Prime-Time along with the original televersion of the DC comic book series, the show's producers decided that they had to create a whole new royal family for Great Britain. With a new Queen and her daughter, Victoria, Princess of Wales, who's heir apparent. That means the show has to be transferred into an alternate TV dimension. What they should have done was to create a fictional country; even better from the Toobworld perspective, they should have used a fictional country already established in another series. 'Mission: Impossible' and 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' had plenty of vest-pocket kingdoms in Europe to choose from.

This was a standard complaint I had about 'Doctor Who' during the RTD reign of error - if you create fictional world leaders for real countries then you remove a grounded reality with which the audience can believe in the story you're telling. "Oh, this isn't the real Prime Minister, so why should I worry about what happens to them?" If they think about the Prime Minister being fictional, then the whole facade collapses.

But ever since 'The West Wing', everybody wants to raise the stakes of their stories to the highest level of power in the country, no matter which country you choose. 'The Dead Zone', 'Torchwood', 'Law & Order' (at least the highest level of power in NY state, anyway), '24'....

So I'm thinking this version of 'Human Target' can move into the dimension of 'The West Wing', unless of course they want to change their minds about the rules of the game and decide that their POTUS is also Obama, as he is in Earth Prime and Earth Prime-Time.

The royal family of Great Britain was mentioned on 'The West Wing'. White House Counsel Lionel Tribbey had come back from visiting the Queen and brought back a cricket bat from her as a present.

I will kill people today, Leo! I will kill people with this cricket bat, which was given to me by Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Windsor, and then I will kill them again with my own hands!
At the time, the inference was that she was Elizabeth of the House of Windsor as we know from the real world, that there was no change in that line of succession unlike that for the U.S.A. Commander in Chief. But now? Why couldn't she be the Queen as seen in the 'Human Target' episode? Still an Elizabeth, just not the one we know....

So there'll be no need any longer to keep track of the Wilhelm Screams in 'Human Target' - if it takes place in an alternate dimension, then they couldn't be an indication of the presence of Redjac, as we theorized a few weeks ago.

I'll still watch the show, of course. It's entertaining enough for me to get past my Toobworld prejudices as I did with 'The West Wing' and 'Commander In Chief' and sometimes 'Smallville', but not so with '24'. I'll just not waste my time and energies on dealing with any theories or discrepancies connected to it.

And even though I don't have a huge following here at Toobworld Central, it still made for some publicity for the show. No more of that after this post. And all it would have taken for me to keep 'Human Target' in the public eye would have been to make the country into the Duchy of Trent or Caronia instead of Great Britain.... BCnU!

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