Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Don't read any further if you haven't seen last night's episode of 'Castle'.....

From my brother Bill, editor at the Waterbury Republican American:

We have a people page item tomorrow about Fred Willard talking up a guest appearance on "Castle," in which he plays a talk-show host's sidekick.

I said to the people page person, do you know how Fred Willard got one of his earliest claims to fame?

"uhhh, nope..."

Playing a sidekick to a talk-show host.

I rewrote the end of the People page blurb to include that... and of course wondered in my head whether these two characters could be the same person in Toobworld.

Not likely, Bill. Because 'Castle' has a black NYC mayor, it belongs in the alternate TV dimension that houses 'The West Wing'. But that could all change if we reset the timeline for this show with the 'Primeval' reset button (mentioned in the previous post). But it makes for a nice theory that Jerry Hubbard of 'Fernwood 2Nite' and 'America 2Nite' could have been raised as Hank McPhee in that alternate dimension. But even with a name change, caused by a change in upbringing, he still couldn't avoid his fate - to be a late night TV talk show sidekick.

And besides, based on the episode "The Late Shaft", you wouldn't want Hank to be Jerry under an alias.....

Thanks for bringing this up, Brothermine! BCnU!

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