Saturday, April 17, 2010


I got a package from FedEx this morning, containing a lot of neat swag from ABC to mark the upcoming premiere of 'Happy Town' on April 28th.

Included in the box:

A 'Happy Town' scented candle. (I thought it might smell of fresh-baked bread, but it's apparently cherry.)

A Big Dave's Pizza Barn menu.

A coffee mug with the Magic Man symbol on it. (The symbol is of a question mark with a halo.)

A fridge magnet publicizing a foreign movie showing at the local cinema.

A 'Happy Town' snow globe.

A 'Happy Town' t-shirt packed like a small loaf of bread.

A 'Happy Town' postcard.

And then there's the April edition of The Haplin Crier newspaper. The lead story? "Entertainment editor and well-known blogger Toby O'Brien went missing last Saturday evening after recently checking in at the Meadows Boarding House."

For more on that story, click

Poor guy. I hope he turns up soon......

'Happy Town' looks to be the new 'Twin Peaks', giving us a mysterious series to pick up the audience that will soon be bereft of 'Lost'. I enjoyed the 14 minute preview that was online and will be watching when the show premieres April 28th.....


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Martin Ross said...

Excessively cool -- great to see the network guys recognize of the great mensches of the media. Salud, Toby!