Sunday, April 11, 2010


I think I'm ready to bow out of watching 'Justified'. I like the character of US Marshal Raylen Givens, and the writing is good, but there's just nothing there to hold me week after week. It's just a little too laid-back as it is.

"Having said that", this past week's episode set in Los Angeles and down near the Mexican border (with Alan Ruck as guest star) had a jolt of vibrancy that was lacking in the earlier episodes. But it's back to Kentucky next week, so it was just a blip.)

I think the major problem is that I watch TV nowadays with a Toobworld mindset; always looking for ways to expand on the TV Universe concept. The show's set in Harlan, Kentucky and its plotlines aren't going to have major ramifications on the rest of the country. There's just not much chance of crossovers with any other TV series.

But I'll keep track via scheduling notices, just in case a plotline does surface that might be Toobworthy......


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MediumRob said...

No, no. I gave up on it last week too. It's just not interesting enough!