Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I got this e-mail from Vincent Audette, a member of Team Toobworld who's helped me in the past with trivia about WNKW: I just checked out the third episode of TBL: The Beautiful Life on Youtube posted by Ashton Kutcher's company. They are airring the unaired eps online. In "The Beautiful Lie" episode three, the very first scene features a computer website article at MODE online. TBL is in NY about models. MODE is the fictional magazine on UGLY BETTY. This is the first non disney show to reference Ugly Betty. Previously it was referenced on ABC Family's Greek and on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Thanks, Vincent! This is a great trivia nugget.

And I'm glad I forgot the details of Vincent's e-mail when I checked out the episode myself, because I kept watching beyond that first scene. So I also found that the next scene had a Mode magazine poster hanging in the hallway...... Folks, if you see something like this in the TV shows you watch, let me know because my two peepers aren't going to be able to see everything by themselves!

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