Sunday, December 20, 2009


Here's a question from one of my IDD friends.

Tay asks:

On tonight's 'Better Off Ted' - they were working on Hushaboom! And eating bananas - but they were not connected. (I seem to recall the reason Bullwinkle knew the formula for Hushaboom was because he ate the banana with the formula written on it, and he had an eidetic memory for anything he had ever eaten?? Anyone else remember if that's how it works?)

Anybody out there know the answer?

I found this recap at

"Banana Formula" - 'Rocky & Bullwinkle'
Everyone has a talent, even if it's just sticking six flashlights in your mouth at once or going over Niagara Falls in a giant barrel, and Bullwinkle's happens to be that he can remember everything he ate, [but] it's nothing compared to what inventor Bermuda Schwartz has just accomplished across town: He's invented the Hushaboom, the first completely silent explosive. Inventor Bermuda Schwartz may be a brilliant bomb maker, but he's pretty darn gullible when it comes to his own mother-actually, Boris in disguise. Once he's conned the gullible professor to hide the Hushaboom formula, Boris adroitly writes it on the inside of a banana peel, then zips said banana back up. Unfortunately, because of his evil nature, Boris can't quite resist selling that very banana to a passing moose for an exorbitant price.

A definitely disgruntled Boris hops a steamroller, intending to commit squash-and-run upon the banana-munching moose, but, just in time, Rocky streaks aloft like a bullet managing to shove Bullwinkle into an open manhole right before the steamroller rumbles past.

Repairing to a nearby drugstore (where Boris and Natasha just happen to be hiding under a table) for a nerve-soothing soda, Rocky (and the two villains) realizes that Bullwinkle - whose one talent it is to remember precisely everything he's ever eaten - can regurgitate the formula at will. So to connive the formula out of the gullible moose, Boris dresses up as a giant lollipop and announces that he's Allen Fink, host of the Candied Camera TV show; Bullwinkle obliges by gladly telling the banana formula.


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