Sunday, December 20, 2009


Here's an "As Seen On TV" double feature to look forward to:

Brian Cox will be portraying Michael Martin, the former Speaker of the House of Commons in a BBC drama about the scandal surrounding the expense accounts of the MPs - for which Martin was forced to resign in May.

The Daily Telegraph revealed a long list of their questionable expense account claims which caused a public outcry; but it was the five-year campaign by Heather Brooke to get the MPs to reveal the details of their expenses that got the Telegraph involved.

Michael Martin did quite nicely afterwards despite the scandal - even though he resigned in disgrace and gave up his Glasgow seat, he was given the title of Lord Martin of Springburn.

The BBC4 drama will be called "Bringing Down The House" and will co-star Anna Maxwell Martin as Heather Brooke. (Brooke wanted Gillian Anderson for the role, but I'm a big fan of Anna's from her role in the 'Doctor Who' episode "The Long Game".)

Above is a picture of the two main actors involved, but once the production is closer to broadcast, we'll show them as their characters.....


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