Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Lt. Randy Disher:
That's your doppelganger.
They say everybody's got one.

Captain Leland Stottlemeyer:
Who says that?

Lt. Randy Disher:
And their doppelgangers.


The TV Universe loves to repeat itself, in situations, events, even characters; Toobworld is awash in the "Identical Cousin" syndrome which can be attributed to a variety of reasons - genetic relations, plastic surgery, impersonation, cloning, etc.

So that's not uncommon. What is rare, however, is when these doppelgangers team up with someone else who is a doppelganger of somebody from the life of that first doppelganger's "other life".

Confused? Sorry about that, Chief.

Here's what I mean:
In the 'Warehouse 13' episode "Duped", Gary and Jillian Whitman had a coin that helped them predict the future, which they used to win in roulette when they went to Las Vegas.

At the same time, but farther to the Northwest in the town of 'Eureka', Deputy Jo Lupo was romantically involved with Zane Donovan, a scientist employed by Global Dynamics. Both couples look exactly the same.

So far as we know, there is no genealogical link between Jo and Jillian or between Zane and Gary. However, in Toobworld, where Coincidence reigns supreme, it's not unlikely. What is strange is that both couples should be drawn together in this way. As if it was Destiny, or at the very least some kind of pull on the chromosomal level. This wasn't the first time it's happened this year in Toobworld. At the FDNY house depicted in 'Rescue Me', the company's Chief is "Needles" Nelson and the Lieutenant on one shift is Kenny Shea. At the same time elsewhere in Manhattan, there are two NYPD detectives working in the Vice Squad who look exactly like "Needles" and "Lew". (We saw them in the "Pilot" episode of 'The Unusuals' as the backup surveillance team keeping an eye on Detective Casey Shraeger, who was working undercover as a prostitute.)

Toobworld Central isn't prepared to give a splainin as to why this happens; we just wanted to point it out. But here's something we do worry about:

Hopefully, these couples will never meet up.....

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully:
Over time, nature produces only so many originals
that when two original copies meet that the result is often unpredictable.
If four should meet, the result is...
well, suffice to say it's better just to avoid these encounters altogether
and at all costs.
'The X-Files'



Saoirse said...

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Thank you for that, Patricia!