Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last week I watched the latest three episodes of 'True Blood' with good buddy NYMarkie. These eps had piled up over my vacation, and seeing them in a mini-marathon helped stoke my enthusiasm for the finale tomorrow night.

Seeing it with Mark also gave me a new perspective on what was happening in Bon Temps within the reality of Toobworld. It was Mark who pointed out to me that if Eric could now sense where Sookie was and how she was feeling because she drank his blood, then why doesn't the same thing happen between those people who use 'V' and the vampires who supply it?

When it comes to that, how come Sookie didn't have trippy visions after tasting Eric's blood?

Showrunners - no matter the series - must hate people like me.......

Thanks for pointing this out, Mark! And sorry for corrupting the way you watch the Tube.....


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