Thursday, September 10, 2009


My blog buddy Joe Bua (His "I Am A TV Junkie" link is to the left.) tipped his readers off that NBC plans to make a two-hour movie which will serve as a pilot for an American remake of 'Prime Suspect'. The original series starred Helen Mirren and was about Jane Tennyson, who fought for the right to lead a British homicide division and it's about the resistance she got from the detectives who were supposed to work for her.

'The Closer' comes closest to being about the same subject over here, but now it looks we might get an actual clone - especially if they keep the character's name. (My O'Bvious recommendation would be to give this new character a whole new identity. Toobworld Central should have no problem in making sure both series fit into Earth Prime-Time, but key differences would make everything easier. But then, who cares about my needs?)

Joe put out a general query as to who would be the best possible actress to play this role, with his opinion that Meryl Streep is the only perfect choice - and of course, we all know she's desperate for work!

I offered my own suggestion, which is why Mary McDonnell's lovely face graces this post.

Recently, she played a police captain on the aforementioned 'The Closer', and as I told Joe in my comments, she has the age, strength, and vulnerability to do the character properly.

I'd be pushing for her with all the powers accorded me, but unfortunately, this blog marks the boundary of my influence. Maybe somebody reading knows a network suit and could pass it on......


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