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There be spoilers ahead, arrrrrgh! (Sorry, I'm still celebrating "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!)

The remake of 'Battlestar Galactica' was pretty insular, without much of a chance to interact with other TV shows to be found on Earth Prime-Time. It may or may not have found itself near the very beginning of the Toobworld Timeline by the end of the series, but otherwise?
The prequel, 'Caprica', is even more cut off from the rest of Toobworld, since it will be taking place fifty years before the events of 'BSG' kick off.

However, I may have found an episode of the last remake of 'The Twilight Zone' which can be considered a spin-off of 'Battlestar Galactica' and probably as a sequel to 'Caprica'.

Here's the plot description for the episode "Hunted":

A genetically altered creature, of a species thought exterminated long ago, has returned to menace society in the near future. After four hikers are killed, a group of soldiers is dispatched to hunt down the creature but soon it becomes unclear who is hunting whom.

Okay, here comes the big bad spoiler:

It turns out that the "monster" known as a "Creeder" is actually a human. And the soldiers, the hikers, and the lead character's wife and baby, are all androids. "Creeder" is a corruption of the word "Creator": at some point in the past humans created the androids, only to be hunted down and destroyed by the "living" machines.
There was nothing in the episode to suggest that the story was taking place on Earth. The one time we saw a city - where Jeffrey Freed lived with his wife and baby - it was of a futuristic design.

So here's the Toobworld premise: why can't we instead claim that "Hunted" took place on one of the 12 planets abandoned by the remnants of the human population? The story happened at least fifty years after the battlestar Galactica led the ragtag fleet in search of the lost colony of "Earth"..... What we saw was the aftermath of the Cylon slaughter of those humans who were left behind, with the Cylons as the established residents.

The second half of the episode is up on YouTube, but the embedding capability has been disabled.
So here's the link. It's basically all you need to get the gist of the story. And as you can see, it could be taking place on any Class M planet in the TV Universe. So why not on Caprica or Gemenon or Leonis or any of the other Twelve Colonies of Kobol?

Frak! Works for me!
Oops! Mustn't swear in front of the robo-baby!


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