Sunday, September 20, 2009


A little something different for today's "As Seen On TV" showcase.....

Given the revelation in 'Fringe' that in an alternate reality John F. Kennedy not only survived the Dallas assassination attempt, but was still alive (as of May, 2009), who could have played him in that alternate Toobworld at the age of 92? William Devane and Martin Sheen have both played JFK on TV - Devane in "The MIssiles Of October" and Sheen in the 'Kennedy' mini-series. Both of them are now too old to play the real Kennedy; but with well-designed old age make-up, either one of them could look like they were in their 90's. (Devane is 70 this year, Sheen 69, so it's not like they're too far off the mark to be convincing....)

Let me know what you think. Who knows? Maybe we'll see JFK appear in an episode of 'Fringe' this year.....


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