Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here's the publicity description of the new "noir-otic" comedy on HBO, 'Bored To Death':

Meet Jonathan Ames: writer, romantic, unlicensed private detective. Moonlighting from his job as a novelist and writer for a New York magazine, Jonathan is looking to jettison some heavy emotional baggage (his girlfriend just dumped him, okay?) through an unusual second career of cracking cases of missing persons, espionage and infidelity in the Big Apple.

Here's the thing.....

'Bored To Death' has been created by the author of several books, one of which is a graphic novel called "The Alcoholic". And that author's name is Jonathan Ames as well.
So in the TV Universe, Jonathan Ames doesn't look like himself, and even though he's also a writer, he's also trying to solve crimes on the side.

It makes me think that somebody should help Kinky Friedman develop his mystery novels for television!'
Bored To Death' premiered Sunday night on HBO starring Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ames......


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