Sunday, September 20, 2009


With the debut of 'Glee', the new 'Melrose Place', 'The Jay Leno Show' and 'Community', and with the return of shows like 'Psych', 'Monk', 'The Office', 'Fringe', 'Parks & Recreation', and 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia', the new TV season is truly underway. Can't ya feel it?

The new season for 'Fringe', its sophomore showing, displays a lot of promise in just one outing so far. There's a sense of clarity, a focus in purpose, in the tone of the series, perhaps because its overall mythology arc has been defined. Instead of aliens from outer space (which was the arc for the show's predecessor, 'The X-Files'), 'Fringe' looks to be concerned with the threat of invasion by super-soldiers from another dimension.

Comparisons to 'The X-Files' are apt, considering what happened during the second season debut. In the apartment where a body was found, the TV was on and we saw Dana Scully and Fox Mulder in a scene from 'The X-Files' (apparently from "Dreamland", which was appropriate since it was about exchanged identities).
Also, during a closed Senate sub-committee meeting where Colonel Philip Broyles was summoned to defend the further existence of the "Fringe Division", it was mentioned by one of the Senators that too much money had been thrown after these strange cases investigated by the Fringe group as well as by those in the previous group, which he said was referred to as the "X Designation".

For me, this is a clear reference to 'The X-Files' which - within the reality of Toobworld - had been around for fifty years. So although unofficial, Toobworld Central will consider it a link to the original series.

As for the apparent Zonk incurred by the 'X-Files' clip, as far as Toobworld's inner reality is concerned, it was just a clip of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in some other production - perhaps some fictional movie or TV show seen only in the TV Universe.

Or maybe they were FBI agents Mulder and Scully seen on some pirated CCTV video footage....


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