Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hopefully 'Being Human' won't fly under the radar for too long on BBC-A, and fans of 'True Blood' will embrace it eagerly soon enough. Doing its small part to reconcile the vampire underworlds of the two series, Toobworld Central had to find a splainin for the discrepancy between their two environments. In 'True Blood', vampires are living openly, striving for their civil rights, thanks to the Tru-Blood drink which came on the market just over two years ago. But in 'Being Human', vampires still live in the shadows, their existence unsuspected by the general human public. I was toying with the idea that maybe 'Being Human' could be taking place more than two years ago, before that Japanese corporation introduced Tru-Blood on the market. But then there would be a constant stream of Zonks to splain away when contemporary movies, TV shows, current events get mentioned.
Instead, here's my suggestion: both shows are taking place in the Toobworld Here & Now. But in 'Being Human', Tru-Blood has not yet been introduced to the British consumer. Probably some tie-up in the UK equivalent of the FDA. Therefore, until Tru-Blood can be found on the store shelves of ASDA, Tesco, and Arkwright's, the vampires of the British Isles have to remain in the shadows....


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Sticks said...

Hey!! Toby, I found a few episode of "Being Human" on YouTube and I love it. I think the female ghost is very cute, and I love how the man turn into a werewolf, it’s so serene on the screen I was mesmerized. Now I’m hook on at, however, I miss all of the second season for “Trueblood”, do you by any chance know where I can get access to watch the episode I’ve missed?