Friday, July 31, 2009


I'd been good for so long in staying my desire to order books and DVDs.... One little chink in the dam and the floodwaters come spilling out!

Here are the latest acquisitions at the Toobworld Central library, which arrived yesterday:

"Here's Looking At Us: Celebrating Fifty Years Of CBC" by Stephen Cole
At least this one I didn't pay for; it was a gift from a friend, a high muckety-muck at Sony-BMG. Canadian television, like all world television, is an interest because I'd like to keep expanding the concept of Earth Prime-Time beyond the US borders - as if over sixty years of American content wasn't enough to keep me busy!

And my knowledge of Canadian TV is certainly lacking. From the cover I was only able to identify one TV icon from the Great White North - The Friendly Giant.....

"Space Buddies"
This DVD is for my 4½ year old nephew; I'll give it to him when I see him on vacation. Not sure if I want to go through the experience of watching it with him though....

'Torchwood: Children Of Earth'
I couldn't think of a better way to honor everyone involved in bringing this exciting and very brave work of television than by buying a copy of it....

'Life On Mars' - the UK version, Season One
Can't wait for my brother to finally meet Gene Hunt. He knows Glenister already from 'Cranford'. We all know he's in for a treat!

'Cronkite Remembers'
A 3 DVD box set of the anchorman's remembrances of the events of the 20th Century, from both a personal as well as from a news story angle. There was a similar videotape back in the mid 1990's and I picked that up for my Mom as a gift. So this is something of a nostalgic gift to myself......


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Mercurie said...

I would love Here's Looking At Us: Celebrating Fifty Years Of CBC. Like you my knowledge of Canadian TV is lacking. I only know of a few shows here and there not the whole history of Canadian television.