Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had to be talked into giving the pilot for 'Royal Pains' a second chance, and now I'm glad I made the effort to sit all the way through it. In fact, I also watched the second episode and I think I'm on board for the rest of the summer.

First off, it did get better once Hank and his brother Evan were out in the Hamptons. I bailed the first time while Hank was still wallowing in his Brooklyn apartment.

But the main reason I'm glad I gave it another shot was for the "take me back" head kick I got near the end of the episode. We finally got to see 'round back of the "Hampt-Inn", where the Brothers Lawson were staying - with Divyah, who was to become Dr. Hank's P.A., - they were seated poolside on the dune deck with a great view of the ocean.
And that's when I realized the setting for these scenes were at a place I used to work 29 summers ago!

My friend and former room-mate Bob got me a gig working for a chain of hotels on Dune Road in Westhampton Beach. I learned how to be a night auditor at the smallest property which was on the bay side of the road and had only 30 rooms. (It was a hand transcript and I was usually done with the work in an hour.) By working there, I even got to meet a few minor celebs - like a member of the Amazin's 1969 team.....

The site of the 'Royal Pains' scenes was the "flagship" of the line and its where we went to get our meals. And before the season actually began, we also had to do a lot of manual labor - like painting that deck scene in the pilot. (Got a terrible back-of-the-neck sunburn from that!)

I spent a turning-point birthday working there that summer. In fact, on the night of my birthday, one of the cars in the parking lot burst into flames. Couldn't ask for a more spectacular show to close out the day!

And that's another reason I'll be watching the series this summer - maybe I'll get the chance to see other landmarks that I know.


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