Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In case you don't follow the traditional TV news sites, ITV has announced that 'Primeval' has been canceled. Over in the UK, the third season ended on my birthday, and the US is currently getting this now-final season. (We're about five episodes in.) Apparently it has something to do with the slashing of ITV's take of the licensing fee, or a loss in ad revenue.... I'm not exactly sure. I'm not that familiar with how the TV biz works over there and financial matters are part of the reality that makes my head hurt.

For the viewers in the United States, this past week's episode concluded with Jenny Lewis leaving the team and the ARC forever. Having "died" while battling that fungoid creature, and still mourning the loss of Nick Cutter, Jenny felt it was time for a fresh start. She wanted to find herself - no small task when you know that in an alternate timeline you had been somebody else.

At the end of Season One, somehow Nick Cutter and his estranged wife Helen had changed history. There were two major alterations that we saw once Nick returned to "the present" - the major difference was that dealing with the anomalies had been accelerated so that there was now a high-tech state-of-the-art Anomaly Research Center (the ARC). But on a more personal level, Claudia Brown - who was in charge of clamping down on the information dissemination about the anomalies - no longer existed. In fact, she never existed.

Instead, a woman who looked exactly like her, and who did the same kind of public relations damage control, showed up to work for the ARC. And her name was Jenny Lewis. That such a mix of DNA could be re-assembled exactly to create a woman who would then follow the same career path is not nearly so impossible in Toobworld. Exact lookalikes are a building block of the TV Universe. But even so, we could still make the scenario slightly more plausible....

Claudia Brown and Jenny Lewis were not two different people; they were one and the same, with their differences caused by the diverging timelines.

In the original timeline, Claudia Brown was raised by her birth parents and went into public relations, working for Sir James Lester in controlling the information... information... information about the anomalies.

But in the revised timeline, Claudia must have been given up for adoption for some reason. She was now raised as Jennifer Lewis, but even so, she still followed the same career path as Claudia had. (Fans of 'Lost' must recognize this as being some kind of course correction by the Universe.) It could be that we have the scenario reversed. Perhaps in the original timeline it was Claudia who was adopted and Jenny was raised by her birth parents in the alternate timeline. But I think the original theory works better - now that Jenny Lewis has left the series, and especially with the series now ending, that doesn't mean Jenny's life just stops. Anybody who's familiar with the whole Toobworld concept knows better than that: just because we don't see certain characters on TV anymore, that doesn't mean their lives don't continue.

So I think there are more story possibilities in Jenny Lewis exploring her family background - who were Claudia Brown's parents, why was she given up for adoption, what caused the divergence in her personal history? And could it eventually lead back to the anomalies? It's certainly something 'Primeval' fanficcers might consider for exploration.....

Just sayin', is all..... BCnU!

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