Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night, FOX re-broadcast the pilot episode of 'Lie To Me' starring Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, an expert in displays of the Truth. His institute was called in to aid in the investigation of a young man suspected of murder, and that call came from the Mayor of Washington, DC.

We never saw the Mayor - all we saw was Cal's side of a phone conversation. And he was never identified by name, only as "the Mayor". Therefore, we can assume he was Adrian M. Fenty, who's been Mayor of the Nation's capital since 2006.

Whenever possible, Toobworld needs to have such public figures be the same as those in the real world, because other TV shows are probably going to refer to them as well. (This is especially true of the Presidency.)

There are exceptions, of course - 'Law & Order' is too deeply entrenched in the TV Universe, so we have to ignore the fact that the Manhattan District Attorney has never been Robert Morganthau. Ol' Pruneface has been around since Hammurabi wrote up his Code of Law, whereas 'Law & Order' has gone through four DA's since the series began.

The Mayor of New York City is a true reflection on 'Law & Order' - Rudy Giuliani showed up in an episode, and Mike Bloomberg has been in at least two as Hizzoner. But the New York governor has played a major role this season and although his situation has been reminiscent of Eliot Spitzer's, he's definitely not Spitzer or his successor, David Paterson.

That's gonna be a tough nut to splain....

(On a related note, former Governor Spitzer's face appears on the lobby wall at the Lightman Group, so it is a Zonk needing a splainin.)

But at least 'Lie To Me' played it safe and remains on Earth Prime-Time.


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