Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Andrew & Toby O'Brien
(as 'Simon & Simon'?)
Today is my brother Andrew's birthday. I won't embarrass him by revealing how old he is, but he's more than a decade younger than me - so revealing his age would only embarrass me!

I looked in the IMDb.com, but could find only one fictional character named "Andrew O'Brien", and he was over in the movie universe ("Heartburn", played by Ron McLarty).

There was no "Drew O'Brien" (a variant he uses) in either Toobworld or the Cineverse, nor was there an AJ O'Brien. But there were a few listings for "Andy O'Brien". However, that's a name he doesn't use.

(Our Mom put the kibosh to that. She believed that it would only put people in mind of "Andy Gump", some comic strip character (I think) who had no chin. Forget about Andy Taylor or Andy Hardy or even Andy Panda! To her, it was all about Gump, Bubba.)

But here are those Andy O'Briens, two of them from British prime-time soaps:

From 'Doctors', played by Jack Cooper

From 'EastEnders', played by Ross Davidson

And from the TV movies "All My Darling Daughters" and "All My Darling Daughters' Anniversaries", played by Darrell Larson.

So maybe there's no Andrew O'Brien in Toobworld. Doesn't matter. I'm happy enough to have this one here in the real world.

Happy birthday, Brothermine!


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