Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'll have to check at the Paley Center for Media to see if they have a copy of that 'Colgate Theatre' episode. It sounded like something I'd enjoy....

Based on a character created by Arthur Cheney Train and written by Ellis Marcus and Harold Swanton, "Strange Counsel" was a pilot for a proposed series starring Walter Brennan as lawyer Ephraim Tutt. Mr. Tutt was probably the 'Matlock' of his day, with 'Hawkins On Murder' as an intermediate series about crafty old lawyers.

In "Strange Counsel", Tutt's client was a young woman who believed that somebody had tampered with her late grandfather's will. Vera Miles played the client.

'Colgate Theatre' burned off the pilot by broadcasting it on September 10, 1958.

Now I'm in the mood for some city slicker Walter Brennan.... If the Paley Center doesn't have that episode, maybe they'll have something from 'The Tycoon' or even 'To Rome, With Love'.....

Toby O'B

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