Thursday, March 26, 2009


In a recent interview with a gay news web site, Rep. Barney Frank labeled Antonin Scalia as a "homophobe" because the Supreme Court Justice believes that cases involving gay rights and abortion should not come before judges. And he voted against the Court's 2003 decision which struck down state laws banning consensual sodomy.

But in Toobworld, Antonin Scalia has shown that his objections don't outweigh his observance of the law. If two men came before him in a state where it was legal to marry and they loved each other, then Scalia would preside over that union - provided they had the proper paperwork.

And that's just what he did while he was on a fishing vacation; he officiated over the wedding of Denny Crane and Alan Shore, "As Seen On TV" in the series final of 'Boston Legal'..... BCnU!
Toby O'B

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