Monday, March 23, 2009


Betsy Blair, once nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Marty" and once married to Gene Kelly, before moving to London because of the Hollywood blacklist, has died at the age of 85. This picture is from a movie she made that was based on the story of Othello ("All Night Long"). But it has Patrick McGoohan in it as well (as the Iago-like character), so I'm running it as an example of the connections that run through the obituary tally each year. (McGoohan passed away back in January.)

After moving to London, Ms. Blair continued to act even as she gained her degree to become a speech therapist. Eventually she came back to America on occasion to create more characters for Toobworld.

Good night, and may God bless....

"Scarlett" (1994) .... Sister of Mercy

Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Holiday Affair (1988) .... Grace Simpson

Suspicion (1987) .... Lady McLaidlaw

"thirtysomething" .... Marjorie Warren
- Payment Due (1989)
- No Promises (1989)

"Tales of the Unexpected" .... Mrs. Wilbur
- Vengeance Is Mine Inc. (1980)

"BBC Play of the Month"
- The Wings of the Dove (1979) .... Susan Stringham
- Summer and Smoke (1972) .... Mrs. Winemiller
- Death of a Salesman (1966) .... Linda

"Shades of Greene" .... Bobbie
- The Blue Film (1975)

"ITV Play of the Week"
- Come Back Little Sheba (1965)

"ITV Television Playhouse"
- The Ponyman (1958)

"Goodyear Television Playhouse"
- A Will to Live (1957)

Othello (1955) .... Bianca

"The Ford Theatre Hour"
- The Married Look (1950)

"Kraft Television Theatre"
- The Luck of Guldeford (1950)

"The Philco Television Playhouse"
- The Charmed Circle (1950)

Toby O'B


Frank said...

I'd always admired Betsy for her quiet, smart-girl presence and beauty. Then I read her autobiography and came away feeling that, in real life, she was somewhat of a ninny.

Despite her obvious intelligence, she was a complete joiner in her politics, never one to formulate her own opinions but preferring to follow the group. And after Gene, anyway, she threw over several men for others with more exotic credentials. Karel Reisz, who besides his major talent and social conscience, had a refugee past - how perfectly ideal for her!

I'm left feeling that she was sort of the middleclass Wasp artsy girl who never grew up - always looking to move in the right circles.

Moor Larkin said...

A ninny who beat the blacklist.