Monday, March 23, 2009


Jade Goody, the controversial reality TV star who brought her terminal cancer battle before the cameras, has died in the United Kingdom at the age of 27.

After gaining her initial fame as a member of the 'Big Brother' (UK) house in its third series (I believe she made it to the Final Four), Jade created a wildstorm of negative publicity over her racist feud with a Bollywood actress while they were competing in 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Jade later apologized and appeared on the Indian version of 'Big Brother' ('Bigg Boss') to make amends.

It was there - on camera - that she learned that she had cervical cancer.

Returning home, Jade Goody decided to make her battle a public one, and used her notoriety to spread the word about the disease in order to help others. At the same time, she parlayed these appearances to make enough money to provide for her two small boys after she passed away.

Even her wedding in her final months became fodder for the reality TV cameras.......

Among her most prominent appearances on television are:

"Bigg Boss" (2008)

"You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous" (2007)

"Celebrity Big Brother" (2007)

"Jade's P.A." (2006)

"Just Jade"(2006)

"The Weakest Link"
- Celebrity Reality TV Special (2006)

"Stars in Their Eyes"
- 2006 Celebrity Special 1 (2006)

"Big Brother's Efourum"(2 episodes, 2005-2006)

"Jade's Salon" (2005)

Death of Celebrity (2005)

UK Radio Aid (2005)

I'll Do Anything to Get on TV (2005)

"Big Brother Panto" (2004)

"Hell's Kitchen"(2004)

"Back to Reality"(2004)

2003 TV Moments (2004)

"Liquid News" (7 January 2004)

"Astounding Celebrities"

"Wife Swap"
- Celebrity Wife Swap (2003)

"Tabloid Tales" (2003)

"Boys and Girls"

"Celebrity Driving School" (2003)

The New Jade Dance Workout (2003) (V)

"Big Brother" (2002/Series III)

She made her first appearance on TV in 1988, when she was just a child, in an episode of 'London's Burning'.

Plus, there were the many talk show appearances with Ant and Dec, Richard and Judy, Anne Robinson, Graham Norton, Paul O'Grady, Kelly Osbourne, Davina McCall, and many others.In the end, for all of her outrageous behavior, Jade's influence on young women across Great Britain to get tested for cervical cancer was phenomenal. Doctors referred to it as "the Jade Goody Effect", and Prime Minister Gordon Brown even lauded her for her efforts.

Her life - born of drug-addicted parents; the father gone early from her life; the mother losing an eye and a limb due to a motorcycle accident; a relationship with a famous TV presenter that produced her two sons; the reality shows; the racism charge; the cancer; and marriage a month before her death to a man who once beat a teenager with a golf club - is surely material for a TV mini-series; a TV movie at least.

And it would bring her life full circle in front of the camera - from a reality TV star to a tele-version of herself in Toobworld.

I never saw anything that Jade Goody did, but she still deserved my respects for what she accomplished by the end.

Toby O'B

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Suparna said...

She proves that she was a courageous woman both in life and death. Really very sad news.