Sunday, March 22, 2009


When "The Bounty Hunter" Josh Randall was introduced to the real world in an episode of 'Trackdown', he was hunting for an outlaw named Nate Phillips (played by George N. Neise).

More than half a century later in the Toobworld timeline, George Weiss played a Nate Phillips in an unsold pilot that was burned off as an episode of 'Colgate Theatre'. "Strange Counsel" (AKA "Mr. Tutt") was based on a series of stories about Ephraim Tutt, a country lawyer working in Manhattan (although his tele-version worked out of a small upstate New York town.)

I suppose it's a common enough name to be duplicated in families without connections to each other. I have such a name (There were three of us in my homeroom!), which is why I go by my initials, making me "Toby".

But this being Toobworld, where the wildest of coincidences are commonplace, I'd like to think that the outlaw Nate Phillips out West could have been either the grandfather or grand-uncle of the Nate Phillips back East.

And who's to say tain't so?

Toby O'B

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