Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I'm watching last night's episode of 'Leverage', an excellent caper show from TNT.

Most of the team was rushing to LAX airport to catch a certain flight and they needed access to the plane with less than an hour to spare. Their tech geek back at home base had two first class tickets he could score with online chicanery and Timothy Hutton took that for himself and the sexy British con artist (Gina Bellman from 'Coupling'). The other two would get on board as a flight marshall and as a stewardes- oops, flight attendant.

Tech guy asked Timothy Hutton and Sophie if they had any fake IDs already on them. Timothy Hutton looked through his wallet and he had three ID cards:

Peter Davison
Sylvester McCoy
Tom Baker

Sophie: Oh! I have a Baker too! Sarah Jane Baker!

Hardison the Tech Guy: Well, then, Baker it is. I know pronounce you husband and wife.

This is the type of 'Doctor Who' reference I love! It didn't destroy the illusion that it could be real in their world. No mention of the male names as even actors, let alone various incarnations of the Doctor! And no reference to the mixture of character (Sarah Jane) with a real name.

What do you think it might say about the scriptwriter though? Did he have fantasies that the Fourth Doctor would marry Sarah Jane Smith?

Just sayin', is all......

Toby O'B

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MediumRob said...

Did you notice that tech guy was talking about downloading episodes of Doctor Who last week? Parker told him it was stealing and so wrong...