Saturday, January 24, 2009


Continuing our salute to the Presidents of the United States, or at least to their tele-versions, today we're featuring Tricky Dick, Richard Milhouse Nixon.

Nixon was the only president to resign from office (for his involvement in the Watergate coverup). Of all the presidents, Nixon has to rank up there as one of the top three to be portrayed the most often on television. (John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln being the other two.) He's even been the inspiration for presidents in alternate TV dimensions, like Richard Monckton of "Washington: Behind Closed Doors" (from the Movie of the Week dimension), and Charles Logan from the '24' dimension.

365 days is a long time to run a daily feature like "As Seen On TV". Even so, I'm sure there will be more than enough pictures to be found of famous people being portrayed in Toobworld. But just in case, I'm not going to run all of the possible portrayals of Nixon now. I've already go three others ready to go, but I'll save those for sometime in the future. Maybe for his birtday, or the anniversary of his death.

In the meantime, here's Nixon as he looked in the 1989 TV movie "The Final Days":

Toby O'B

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